Scramble New Wave BJJ Gi - White

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The Wave remains one of the most popular items ever released by Scramble. Where many brands were using one-colour repeating patterns inside their gis, they realised the possibilities of the inside of the kimono, and printed a bold, full colour representation of Hokusai’s famous painting.

By popular demand, they have reworked the Wave, this time presenting it in clean white, like the original Wave. The fit remains the same as ever but with a slightly updated silhouette and modern, minimal stylings. The lining is a lightweight mesh, which holds up better to training than the rashguard lining of the first Wave.

The gi is 450gsm pearl weave top with full colour lightweight mesh lining up to half sleeve.

The trousers are 10oz cotton (not ripstop), feeling soft and comfortable.

Functional jiu jitsu gi for daily training. Probably not IBJJF legal 🙂

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